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Importance of getting a website for your business.

We are now living in a digital world where the digital space has taken over every aspect of our lives.

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Don't put all your social handles in one basket

Social media platforms, particularly Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp being unstable these days is a wake up call that online businesses

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Whatever You Put On The Internet Is Permanent

The days when we used to take our albums occasionally and flip through the pages to reflect on past memories are gradually becoming obsolete.

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HTTP To HTTPS - Secure Your Website With Free HTTPS And SSL

Does your website show the connection as "Not Secure" in Google Chrome, Firefox, or other web browsers?

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How To Create A Website

Having a website for your business has moved from being supplementary to a necessity.

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How To Choose A Strong Password

Choosing a strong password is essential if we are going to keep our accounts secured.

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