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Ultask connects service providers to their prospective customers thereby creating jobs for countless people, while meeting the urgent needs of people. The contemporary world of sophistication, machinery and infrastructure has placed a high demand on skilled and experienced service providers such as artisans (i.e plumbers, carpenters, welders, painters, dressmakers, mechanics etc.), movers, architects, engineers, nannies, gardeners, waste collectors and labourers etc. meanwhile, users (households, organisation etc.) are skeptical to engage their services because they perceive most of them are novice, dubious and unethical. Ultask has made the conscious effort to thoroughly scrutinise, orient, polish and equip many of these service providers with requisite ethics to match them to the standards of the users. Ultask as a mobile application is designed: 1. To endow service providers within it domain with high level of professionalism and instil in them discipline and ethics which has set them on a higher pedestal than the countless ones out there and consequently expose them to a lot of job opportunities. 2. To create a platform for users to get their general repairs and work done ASAP without wondering how and where to get befitted service providers for their task. We have all it takes in Ultask to make your life a wonderful experience. · Request for a service provider from your home or office. · Vendors can create their profile and services. · Verification and confirmation of Vendors. · Automatic/Manual Job allocation and 24hr service · Feedback Tracking and Rating






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