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Social media platforms, particularly Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp being unstable these days is a wake up call that online businesses as well as people who use these channels as their only communication means should as a matter of urgency be making use of other private and exclusive non-profitable alternatives such as TUMBLR, WE-CHAT, LINKEDIN or other open-source applications of choice which is just as free.  

Imagine if Facebook and it’s linked applications team decided to quit or go on strike? It would collapse a lot of online businesses. How would they reach their customers and clients? Even Mark Zuckerberg lost billions of dollars within a period of 6 hours of connection mishap. It’s better to be on the safer side because such things are very unpredictable. 

Who knows if next time it would be for days? Or even weeks. Imagine the loss! Another disadvantage is that such unpredictable downtimes may lead to stress and unnecessary pressure at the workplace and a delay in communication to reach clients. Clients who may not have an idea of what would occur may get angry especially if the goods and services that should be provided are needed immediately or in the case of emergencies.

This may spoil the reputation of the business. If you’ve always felt lazy or you didn’t find the need to connect your businesses to other applications which are not just Facebook owned this should definitely be an eye opener. To be very honest this experience is a wake up call  not to put all your eggs in one basket. 

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Godwin Ohene Mante - 1 year ago

Yes, this is an eye opener and wake up call indeed. Thank you.

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