Let me give you one simple practical exercise. Look through your contacts, try to find phone numbers of a carpenter, or an electrician. You will realize that the only numbers you have is this one guy who always disappoints you, Who doesn’t deliver on time and works so unprofessionally. Despite the fact that you have been disappointed countless times by this guy, he is the only person you know, hence you don’t have any option, but still call on him when you need something to be fixed. 

Fucah Technologies Limited has completely curb this situation and dismantled the monopoly in the artisan world through the “Auta App” on iOs and Android. You can now sit in  the comfort of your home and order the services of any artisan. We will automatically connect you to one of the numerous verified artisans in our system, who will do the job with a lot of professionalism and skills. You can rate the service provided by the artisan after the work.

Go ahead and download the Auta app on both Android and iOS.

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Ofori Ansah

This is really cool

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